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Our School Story

                                                             "Creating the future, one learner at a time"

Our Story

Who was John T. Errington?

John T. Errington was a settler and farmer on Sea Island who purchased 210 acres of land from Hugh Boyd around 1879. He was one of the early petitioners for the incorporation of Richmond as a municipality. In 1881, 1883, and in 1890, he served as a municipal councilor. As well, he spearheaded the movement to build the Marpole Street Bridge to Sea Island. He also donated land for the building of the first Presbyterian churches in Richmond and in the Lower Mainland.

Errington has been providing quality education to our school community for over 60 years.  Located in south-central Richmond, our school is one of the oldest schools in the city, and has experienced many upgrades and expansions along the way.

In the recent past Errington was a smaller school with approximately 200 students.  Over the last few years, we have seen gradual increases in our enrollment.  As of 2017, we had 242 students in 11 divisions. Our enrollment has grown to 320 students in 13 divisions in 2023 and as such has resulted in our being at capacity for the current school building.

A significant number of our families have English as a second language, many speaking Mandarin or Cantonese as their first language.  Our staff and students are kind, caring and hard-working and enjoy working together to create a safe and welcoming community where all people are accepted and respected. 

In addition to the neighborhood school, the Errington Learning Centre (ELC) opened in 2014 as part of our school.  The ELC is a district-based program for students with complex special needs – students where a typical classroom setting does not meet their needs.  This program has been highly successful for our students, often helping them transition back into classrooms here at Errington or their Neighbourhood school.

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