Parent Advisory Council

The PAC (Parent Advisory Council) at Errington is a dedicated group of parents who work hard to support the Errington School Community.  In conjunction with the principal, this group works to not only enhance student education, but to create and nurture relationships with all members of our community.  As a parent of a child at Errington, you are already a member of of PAC and you are invitied to attend any of our monthly PAC meetings.  Meetings are typically held on the last Thursday of each month, in the morning at 8:45am.  Meetings usually last about an hour.  As many of our parents speak English and Mandarin or Cantonese, being able to understand and participate in conversation is not a problem.  Attending a meeting does not make you committed to any role or task - it can just be an opportunity to meet other parents and learn more about our school.  We hope that you will come and and join us - even better, bring a friend.

PAC News

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