Errington Spirit Days

During the last of May, we will be having Errington’s Spirit Days!

Tuesday, May 25:  Blue Spirit Day

  •  ​Show your Errington Pride and wear your blue Errington t-shirt, or any blue shirt!

Wednesday, May 26:  Pajama Day

  • ​ You can just roll out of bed and come to school in your comfy Pajamas!

Thursday, May 27:  Twin Day

  • ​ Find a friend or friends to dress up alike!  It doesn't have to just twins, you can be a triplet, quadruplet, quintuplet, etc.

Friday, May 28:  Hallowe'en 2.0 Day

  • ​ Let's dress up like it's Hallowe'en!  Just think, it's Hallowe'en 2.0 in May 2021.


We encourage all students to dress up 


Thank you for your participation.


Updated: Thursday, December 9, 2021