Errington Elementary School


Our Evidence

How Are We Going To Gather Evidence?

  • During the 2017 – 2018 school year, we will gather evidence using photographs, videos, student reflections / journaling and anecdotally (conversations with students)
  • iPads and iPhones, both school and personal (PED’s) will be used to document student learning.  We are planning to have all staff teachers equipped with class iPads that can be used to gather documentation. 
  • We are planning to have all of our students using the online portfolio system (Scholantis) for storage and communication of their learning
  • We plan to check back in with our students later in the school year to see whether or not their answers to our initial questions has changed


How Will We Know We Have Made a Difference?

  • Regarding the five questions that we posed to students, we will be able to determine whether their answers become clearer / better developed over the course of the school year.  This might look like: more students being able to identify two adults in the building who believe they can be a success in life; students being able to express more definitively where they are with their learning and where they are going next with their learning.
  • We believe that the answers regarding students’ future success is also related to how connected they are to their learning
  • Listen to our students speak about their connections to each other, the activities and learning opportunities that they have participated in, and their involvement in the school and community
  • Specifically looking for examples where students are engaged and enthusiastic about their learning
  • Taking a look at our annual Satisfaction Survey data to determine whether there are any new trends that support our direction
  • Engaging students more in conversations about their learning and using some of this information in their online portfolios
  • Scanning our students in the spring of 2018 to determine whether we continue to see if our initial observations remain the same or different
  • Examining our evidence to determine whether or not it is giving us the information that we require – is it valid?
  • Giving credence to those members of our school community who are new and come in with “fresh eyes” and different perspectives