Errington Elementary School


No Stopping / Parking in the Alleys

Dear Errington Families,

Traffic flow around our school continues to remain a concern - for all.  While I can appreciate that our lives are all busy, nothing comes before the safety of our children.  To this end, we have set up the best system of student drop-off and pick-up possible.  We try to make it as quick as possible for everyone while keeping everyone safe.  Most days, start to finish, our parking lot clears at the end of the day within 10 minutes - impressive for the number of vehicles that arrive.  

Recently, some of our parents have taken to stopping and parking in the alleys surrounding our school.  In addition, we have a new home being constructed right in front of the school and this has increased the amount of traffic .  Together, this has created a whole new set of problems that  put student safety (and your safety) at risk.  I have been in contact with the City of Richmond to provide us with some clarity regarding the alleys surrounding the school.  The following is the bylaw:

In the Traffic Bylaw 5870 section 12.3 (i), vehicles are not permitted to park/stop in a laneway at any time except where parking is designated by sign and road markings. Staff, will however review the laneway in question and respond back to you within the next few weeks. In the interim, I will request that Parking Bylaws staff schedule enforcement at this location.

This means that it is against the law to stop and park in the alleys surrounding the school and that the City of Richmond will be here to help assist us in keeping the school as safe as possible for your children.

If you are parking or stopping in the alleys surrounding the school, I am asking you to please join the majority of our parents and students who use our current parking system safely and efficiently.

Thank you for helping us to keep all of our students safe.


Mike Murray, Principal

Tue, 2017/11/28 - 11:17am