Errington Elementary School


Errington Strong Start

Our Strong Start Centre is open every day that the school is open, with the exception of the last Friday of every month.  Ms. Marianne Go (ECE) is our Strong Start Coordinator and she works with parents and children who attend our sessions.  Children attending any Strong Start Centre in the province are required to register once.  Once registered, children may attend any Strong Start Centre in the province. 

Strong Start targets children between birth and age five (5).  Children who attend Strong Start must be accompanied by a parent, family member or guardian and participation is strongly encouraged.  To promote fairness and equal access, attending three (3) times per week is suggested.

In our Strong Start Centre, cell phone use is prohibited.  Out of respect for the learning and enjoyment of others, we ask that if you must use your cell phone, please go outside.

Hours for our Centre are:  Monday to Friday, 9:00am - 11:30am.  For a printed schedule of our hours, please download the attachment.  

Visit our StrongStart Website Here